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Ignite curiosity, ease teacher workload, and foster at home engagement!

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Imagine learning geography by exploring virtual landscapes or diving into history through interactive timelines. Our AR app makes this possible. By scanning theme-related flashcards, students are transported into a world where concepts come to life.

Through visually captivating and interactive AR effects, we turn every subject into an exciting adventure. Learning becomes more than just absorbing information – it becomes an experience that sparks curiosity and deep understanding.

Enhancing Learning with ARCADEMI

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The videos were my favourite because I like getting entertained.

Shae 10

I think the cards really helped me learn more about the amazing Victorians.

Izzy, 10

I liked the videos because they helped me and my parents, and we got to play games.

Caillen, 11

I enjoyed the 3D models and the moving portraits.  It was really fun showing them to my family.

Madison, 10

I liked the cards because they have interesting facts, and you can do it with your family.

April, 10

I like the 3D models that look super real because I could have a model like a penny farthing in my bedroom.

Toby, 10

I liked the pictures on the front. I also liked the little tasks at the bottom.

Henry, 11

I had a jolly good laugh with the photograph card.  It was really funny!

Alfie, 11

I liked the workhouse video because it was really funny.  I loved the Queen Victoria face filter because I look great in a crown. I enjoyed showing my dad because he looked ridiculous in it.

Sophie, 10

The face filters were really fun as I got to see myself wearing a crown.

Hattie, 11

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